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the burden to be psychic

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  • the burden to be psychic

    I am a psychic being, although it is a controversial way to call a high sensitive person, that is the mental category to which I belong. the reason I have decided to post a thread is the need to release the major existential issue of my life, how to conciliate my spiritual nature with the mechanistic tendency of the society in which I live today.

    My main problem lays on the particular aspects of the supersensory phenomenon I bear within my mind and soul, which pose my mental existence in a cosmic plane, easily in conflict with other consciousness which do not share same ideal and values.

    Being the energetic quality of my aura very influential in itself toward the social environment in which I am present consciously, it represents a problem when the synergy it evolves is not in harmony with the cosmic spirituality, that creates a conflict of consciousness in my mind which hits my perceptions rendering inside myself, feelings of denials in various forms.

    I would like also to explain briefly, to make the picture clear, which are my psychosensory abilities,, essentially, as my aura expand naturally around myself, it conveys his vital emanation, which in a subtle way goes to affect the psyche (or the mind) of all the living being found under his influence, animating and reinvigorating their psycho dynamics and more.

    On top of it, it is worth to mention that the electromagnetic quality of such aura emanation, is able also to affect electronic functions, which is part of a great discovery although a controversial issue on these dark days, which make up the tallest weigh of my existential burden.

    However, the most outstanding fact of these abilities is that they are physically manifested and I can prove it, challenging any skepticism and mind order wanting to deny the truth.

    The evidence of such assertion stays essentially in another aspect of my extrasensory background (I called "Antesensus"), given by a particular hissing connotation in my verbal pronunciation, which under the influence of my aura, it becomes manifested also in the voice of whoever is affected, as well as at distance, especially if found within the sensory capacity of an electromagnetic field.

    My quest is for answers which may appease the fire burning inside of me, by living a reality of darkness and incomprehension toward the humanistic values Antesesus represents, which go opposite to all the life philosophical teaching I am aware of, it is true then, that the longer humanity advances the shorter its history becomes.

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    Hi Antesensus,
    You are welcome to this community where we are all exploring the extra-sensory perceptions that we/others experience. Believe me, you are not alone and nor is there any need to feel you have to prove anything. You just are what you are.

    You can read through the older posts and get a lot of insight and links to many sites that can help you in your journey. All the best.