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    Could somebody suggest some free online resources were I could learn statistics (to help me understand p-value and ES better)? I'm also trying to understand the theory of relativity. Obvoulsy I've studied math at school but I'm not expert and can hardly remember it.

    What sites do you suggest that I should start off with and what should I be learning? Is a site like this any good?

    How to Determine Probable Outcomes with Coins and Dice - For Dummies

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    That's a pretty good site. Wikipedia is also pretty solid, as long as you stick to non-contentious stuff like math, there are really no issues with reliability.

    You can try some of the notes for my old class:

    And the resource site with the oddball British humor I love:
    Statistics Hell

    The tubes are also always good:
    YouTube - Introductory Statistics - Chapter 1: Introduction


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      Khan Academy

      Click 'watch' in the upper left and then scroll down to statistics. There is more than 10 hours of video material in the statistics section, starting from the very basics. Very nice if you want to brush up.