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1 in 4 magicians believe in the paranormal.

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  • 1 in 4 magicians believe in the paranormal.

    Some of those who say they believe also say they've experienced it. Randi, are you listening?

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    I have always felt that magicians are demonstrating(unconsciously) what is possible without trickery.

    - that somewhere in the distant past advanced beings were capable of materialization ,telekinesis , mind reading,... etc
    then it gradually degenerated into what is now pure imitation .

    but it will come full circle again, as all is rhythm, and what is now just tricks will again be possible as we unfold spiritually and our latent abilities come to the fore.

    So that in effect Randi is doing everyone a great favour - in keeping alive the memory of what is metaphysically possible... if only he knew..
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      The study indicates, to me, that magicians are more skeptical of paranormal claims and are becoming increasingly skeptical since the 1980s - which coincides with the foundation of CSICOP .. that emerged from magicians Randi, Hyman, Gardner and Truzzi.

      Not that I think the opinions of magicians matters .....if they claim a phenomena is genuine - no one believes them, since being economical with the trusth is what they do all the time ... there are cases of them trying to outtrick a psychic claimant ... so one can't trust them when debunking either.

      Personally speaking ... magicians would be the last group of people I'd trust.
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