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On the nature(s) of UFO(s)

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  • On the nature(s) of UFO(s)

    Hello folks, as I previously mentioned, I've set out to investigate the UFO / UAP phenomena from an open, non-dogmatic, agnostic and rigorous manner.

    I think it is false to think that UFO = ALIEN SPACECRAFT and in the following blog post I explained several alternatives.
    Do you agree with what I've written there?

    I'm genuinely interested in a living exchange with other people rather than just writing and thinking for myself.

    Lovely greetings.

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    Hey there.

    Noting that UFO has never meant 'alien spacecraft' in the first place, anyone knowing what the word means knows it.
    It is often used to describe .. well - anything you see flying and are unable to identify. It can be a bird, a hot-air balloon or some random device.

    Anyways, your blog post was quite well written & explained. Logic was applied, so it was good to read.


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      Although the term UFO has a pretty clear definition, many people read more into the meaning than is really there, and automatically think 'alien spacecraft'. This has caused a lot of misunderstandings about things.

      Like with psychic phenomena, or any other field of scientific study, you need to be careful about how other people have interpreted things when they later report them.


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        I just love reading about UFO's.