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    Originally posted by Tor View Post
    I think we all have the ability to open up all of these abilities, but I agree that for some this is much easier than for others.
    I agree. But even the best mediums have to work at it. In John Edward's biography he describes recieving information from his guides from a young age but he also had to work hard and practice for a long time before he could give readings to other people reliably.

    I suspect that there is a big mental barrier until the first time yo manage to do something. After that you just know you can, so it's not problematic anymore.
    My experience is that there can be a big mental shift when a person gives up materialism and that can allow one to accept, as spiritual, experiences they have been denying or ignoring.

    However I have found that developing psi is not like riding a bicycle - easy once you get the knack. If it was, I think parapsychologists would have a much easier time getting positive results. I also know a few people who took time off from mediumship development and found they lost the ability during their intermission and had to develop it again when they restarted classes.

    I've describes my experiences here:

    We all have the superb ability to not manage to do something that we don't believe (or are unconsciously skeptical of) we can do.
    Right, but if you give someone self confidence that they can become a great musician it will help but it won't replace practice.
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      Originally posted by anonymous View Post
      However I have found that developing psi is not like riding a bicycle - easy once you get the knack. If it was, I think parapsychologists would have a much easier time getting positive results.
      I agree. Since it's a mental ability, it is extremely sensitive to your mental state. There are so many things that can get you unfocused. I think it's possible to get to a level where basically nothing can disturb you. But probably extremely few people manage to there.

      Originally posted by anonymous View Post
      Right, but if you give someone self confidence that they can become a great musician it will help but it won't replace practice.
      Practice is the magic word
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        Originally posted by Open Mind View Post
        Tor, I largely agree ... if there is a way to develop psi seems to be meditation ... possibly due to the quieting of the physical senses. I do think the best psychics are possibly born that way or it starts in early childhood though ... so perhaps the combination might produce the most psychic people.
        These things can make some one open to a higher frequency of spontaneous psi experiences. To be able to use psi at will takes something more, which is practicing in a way that provides some type of feedback.

        A class where students meet once a week and give each other readings is one way to achieve this. John Edward says in his biography that he went to psychic fairs and gave readings every week. That is another way.

        In my experience there are several hurdles to developing psi.

        The first is accepting the phenomena. There are a lot of people who are naturally psychic but suppress their abilities because they don't want to have them.

        Another is recognizing that some mental impressions are psychic. I would occasionally experience synchronicities and things like that but what a psychic impression was really like didn't really register on me until I started taking classes in mediumship at a spiritualist church. When you are watching your mind and something pops into it and someone else can validate it is true you get a very clear understanding of what psi is at an experiential level. I think mediumship is more likely to result in strong psi impressions because the student isn't working alone, there are spirits also working to generate those impressions.

        However, psychic impressions are not very different from ordinary thoughts and it can be very hard to get people to accept that such impressions are not their own "normal" thoughts. I think that is the hardest thing to teach - that seemingly ordinary thoughts may have a psychic origin. It may be presumptious of me, but when I hear people say that they have never had a psychic experience I tend to think that they may have them but may not recognize them as such.

        Another hurdle is learning to distinguish between psychic impressions and ordinary thoughts. If I write the words: "the skyline of New York" there is a good chance many readers will visualize the skyline of New York when they read that. People visualize the scenery in novels, what characters look like etc. However the image doesn't really come from the novel, it is something extra constructed in the mind. If a spirit communicates the idea "the skyline of New York" or if a psychic picks up that idea by some means, they may also visualize it even though that visualization is not part of the psychic impression and it is very hard for some psychics to recognize that it is not part of the psychic impression. This extra information that the mind fills in that can come from associations, memories, inferences, deductions etc is something that can be very difficult for even sensitive psychics to hold back when they give a reading.

        This is very evident to me from my experiences getting readings from many different mediums at spiritualist church services. It is a common thing to get a lot of specific evidential material mixed into a "story" that doesn't make any sense. Another similar situation is that the medium mistakes evidential material for a message saying the spirit is telling me to do something when I already did it.

        I think parapsychologists would benefit from going to spiritualist church services and classes. It would give them an extra dimension to their understanding of the capabilites and limitations of psi, what learning psi is like, and it would help them design experiments to demonstrate psi.
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          Originally posted by davidsmith73 View Post
          On page 121 of Entanlged Minds by Dean Radin, there is a funnel plot, created by Radin, that excludes those studies that are methodologically unsound.
          No it doesn't.


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            Anonymous, if psychic impressions are indistinguishable from regular thoughts, how do you know that they're psychic impressions?


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              Originally posted by Ersby View Post
              No it doesn't.
              Ah, you could be right! I apologise. I just assumed that an exclusion criteria was applied but there's no information about that.

              Radin says that the plot was created using 88 experiments conducted between 1974 and 2004.

              How does that compare with your database Ersby?