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    My journey of finding my own place started when I was just 16. My mother was a single parent and was rather hurtful and always discouraging. I have parted physically and emotionally from her couple years back.

    My first paranormal experience was seeing my mother aura right before she threw a cup at my head. I fainted and when I woke up the red beam that surrounded her was gone. Really thought I was just spiritually feeling something. ( I went to church at this time of my life)

    For the next 12 years. I have not found my place. I am now married to a wonderful man and we have a daughter together.

    I had several odd visions and the "feel" through out the whole entire time.

    My second to last experience that changed my life for good encouraged me to find out what it is that my purpose was. I was at the time .... depressed. I wasn't medicated nor wanted to get any help. I knew I wasn't happy despite the fact that there was really nothing majorly stressful.

    One night I could not sleep so I decided to drive to a place where I met my husband. I sat in the parking lot smoking a cigarette that I'd had quit long ago. I wanted to collect my thoughts.. I sat there just staring at nothing. It was 3am when I got there. As I focused my eyes back to the car clock to see what time it was. I was shocked. It was 5am. I had NO sense of time the 2 hours I was sitting inside my car. I knew something was going to be bad. I just didn't feel good.

    The next day I attempted suicide. I over dosed and was rush to the hospital hours after consuming the medications. I don't remember what it triggered me. To be honest I don't remember what it is that I was so upset about...The last thing I did before trying to end my life was just sitting in silence. I felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. It really felt like I was at my last option.

    After my suicide attempt I started seeing more and feeling more. It's been 2 years since and I am freaking out. Having one of these visions or spotting a strangers aura just ruins my day. I am not comfortable at all in what I am capable of. I've been seeing many different hue of color aura. It's usually strangers and not anyone I know. When I blink my eyes and try to snap out of it it disappears.

    Just recently my best friend of 10 years walked out of my life. She was abused physically and emotionally by her husband and I supposedly was just a free ear to talk to. Told her I was hurt. But she decided to text me bunch of bible verses that I wasn't comfortable reading. I also told her " Weak people raise weak children. You let people trample you. Your children will get trampled."

    She lives literally 3 house down and i get to feel the awkwardness of seeing her every once in awhile. Just couple days ago. For the first time I saw a child's aura. It was my friend's older son. His aura was nothing I am use to.. usually it's not much of color. but the cold and hot color differences. Boy had purplish blue fog around him. This is a bad feeling. It's a horrible feeling. I am not sure if I should approach her to let her know... She's a devoted to her religion and told me my experiences were God's gift to see the truth.

    I don't even know at this point what my next is. I am scared for this boy. I don't know why... but don't feel good. It hurts my stomach when I think about it.

    Someone please help me... I don't know what I am feeling.

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    Its okay. In this world sometimes we aren't ready for this side of our capabilities. Growing up with religion (depending on which) especially. I've had similar things happen with me, but with a different issue. Lets face it sometimes in life we can turn out to be confused messes (me included). People hurt us and sometimes we are just so sensitive that we have this sense of always missing 'something'. These abilities that you have. They are normal. Scouts honor. EVERYONE has the ability to see auras, i do myself sometimes. We just learn to block it out when we are very young. We learn to believe that they aren't there. If we lived in different circumstances, we would all grow up with seeing auras as something very common place. But that is not how it is for us. So you have a choice. You can suppress your sight (nothing wrong with that option), or you can try to regain it to what ever capacity you desire. Just know that it is as normal a sense as every other of our senses. You are a deaf person catching glimpses of sound. If the whole world was deaf and sound was not commonly accepted as real, then we would be freaking out much the same. I think its important just to try viewing what you see as non threatening. They wont harm you. They're just pretty colors. If you like you can try learning what the colors mean. I haven't gone so far yet as a lot of people seem to have different opinions as to that. Some say they can show a persons health, others emotion. I personally have seen several layers in auras so i suspect that you might find a bit of both. But then people have different opinions on how to read a persons aura so...i'm just looking forward to the day that science embraces it more and it is so common place and explored that every child will grow up knowing how to read them.


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      Every living being longs to be perpetually happy, without any misery. Since in everyone the highest love is alone felt for oneself, and since happiness alone is the cause of love, in order to attain that happiness, which is one's real nature and which is experienced daily in the mindless state of deep sleep, it is necessary to know oneself. To achieve that, enquiry in the form 'Who am I?' is the foremost means.


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        You should know better about yourself. Not other men can do that. All the best!