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Woke Up Energetically Unstable

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  • Woke Up Energetically Unstable

    I woke last night to a most unsettling sensation. It was something i had never experienced before and am almost at a loss in describing. It was not pleasant. It was like my body and spirit were struggling with each other. My fore arms were very sensitive, extremely so, in an energetic (life force, psi, auric) way. I felt that if i didn't put pressure on them and put as much tension into the muscles as possible then the instability would not tip in my favour. It was as if the wires were not connected properly. My arms were flinging around and twisting at the wrist to maintain tension. I have no idea what happened. My only guess is that perhaps I had gone on an atral stroll and didn't connect back into my body just correctly. I've had only one brief OBE before and it had no such results. I can't remember my dreams for the night to confirm or disprove anything. I ended up just trying to go back to sleep in hopes that it would even itself back out. I woke up fine but it put a damper on the begining of my day i tell you.

    So any ideas folks?
    I'd appeciate hearing from you all.


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    That's rough Jack. Focus on nutrition exercise and health. Wish I could help with you more, however you can't go too wrong with good food, good exercise and good health.