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Frontal Cortex Closed

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  • Frontal Cortex Closed

    I have been battling with something for over two years. In brief in the past i have spent too much time on the computer, doing projects usually involving making extra money. I became stressed with the fact that I was spending too much time on the computer, thinking and obsessing than in the world around me.

    I have learned that the frontal cortex is involved with planning and visualizing, i closed my eyes and would plan the next step of my idea. On one occasion whilst at the computer i became frustrated, i looked upwards as far as i could until my eyes strained unbearably.

    Since then i have not been able to bring up any images in that part on my mind and sometimes don't have anything to say during conversion, kinda blank like a zombie. I have spent lots of time looking at that area with my eyes closed and thinking of basic things, like numbers.I would start with the number 7 then try and count down. I realize it's my mind and nothing to do with my eyes.

    Maybe this will stay an unexplained phenomenon.