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Pain Transference from another.

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  • Pain Transference from another.

    This is different for me, or maybe I am just realizing it. I have known for a while now that I am stronger mentally with mind power, and can cite examples of thinking some strange things into my life, but this is different. My right arm hurts, looks like I injured my AC joint. Sounds normal enough, but what is weird about this is that my step daughter injured her right arm less than a week before in a car accident. I don't believe much in coincidence, but the odds of this are pretty high, same arm, same time, same family.. plus I've been picking up some awful anxiety for no apparent reason, but know that she's been having anxiety problems. We are not very close, just friends really, don't see her much at all. In fact, haven't seen her in a month of so. Not sure what else to say, comments welcome.