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  • real thought-broadcasting

    I've been suffering from real thought-broadcasting for a long time.
    My thougts and all five senses are transmitted to other people for real, like uncontrollable telepathy.
    It is not thought-broadcasting in schizophrenia nor a delusion. People really react to what I'm thinking. Medications for schizophrenia haven't worked for me.
    Do you have any idea how to cure it? I'd really appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks.

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    I know how to help yoy because I had very similar problems, I hope that you are still in this forum and you do try to contact me immediatelly! All you have to do is to believie in me and more in yourself, it is cool and unique that you do have those things of abillities and please never-ever judge them or yourself negatively because of the suffer they may bring to you. Those who suffer from telepathy and psi ablilities is because they have little or half of the knowledge of what they should really know and this is why most people suffer from this stuff.


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      thanks for your reply. could you tell me how to cure this?


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        This topic is really interesting. I even didn't heard about this for sure. So I would like to get more info.


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          Originally posted by Saphyre View Post
          I know how to help yoy because I had very similar problems,
          I also have similar problems for about 1 year. Please contact and help me.