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  • Sychronodditys have you had one?

    this is my turn for a very strange turn of events that are somehow linked to each other without implying that there is any paranormal reason. Example I am an amateur genealogist . I am trying ti get some information on my great grandfather whose name I know and that he was a Confederate officer in the Civil war in Virginia.
    MY so at this time is a senior in High School is a star player on the football team and a brilliant student. I live in San Diego.AS I am doing the research a recruiter shows on on my sons campus ass the Coach do you have any top students on your football team.(like 4.0 and 1500 sat. He points out my son. to make along story Short my son ends up at Washington and Lee in Lexington Va. AT the same time I find my great grandfather was from the little town of Lexington Virginia.

    they send students away for a year abroad and W@L based on there interests my son is a Sanskrit scholar he ends up at University of Edinburgh. While he is there he breaks his ankle and needs surgery so Mom sends me over to provide support. I arrive first in Ireland where I visits an old Friend for the day i have o seen in years. I then take a train from Dublin to Belfast where I will fly to Edinburgh. I have about eight ten hours on my hands so I decide on a whim to take a train to Ballymoney, where my grandmother was born, just to check it out. I hire a cab so I can look around and get back in time.
    The Cabbie asks what brings you to Bmoney have family here? I say Yes actually but I lost track of them years ago and tell them their a name. He say oh Aye Willie and Betty my son is marrying their granddaughter I will take you over there.

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    Hi oldroshi,

    I've had a few, I describe some of them on my web site:
    At one point, after many coincidences like those above, I started wondering what was going on and tried looking on the internet for information on psychic abilities. I saw a local psychic was having a book signing at a bookstore in my area. I’m mostly a homebody so I normally wouldn't have gone to the signing especially since it was in a town I'd never been to. However, when I checked the map, I saw it was right next to a town I was going to on the same day to have lunch with a friend. The bookstore was just down the road from the restaurant. That's an interesting coincidence but I also unexpectedly received a gift card for that bookstore a few days before the signing. I have never had a gift card for that store before or since. I went to the signing, bought the book with the gift card, and afterwards I asked the author how one can develop their psychic abilities. The author recommended a Spiritualist church near where I lived that had classes.

    Actually, your post is a synchronicity for me since I had some more odd coincidences today and was trying to think of an excuse to post about them here.

    It was a day of lost and found.

    I was looking on the internet for recommendations on how to prevent my bicycle from rusting. I got rid of my car a year and a half ago. The only thing I need regular transportation for is getting groceries. Last winter we didn't have much snow but this year is back to normal so there is a lot of salt on the road. I saw a suggestion to use car wax to prevent rust on bikes so I went down to the basement to see if I had any. I didn't find any car wax on the utility shelves where I keep my old car stuff but I did find a bin of photographs. Earlier in the week I had been looking for a certain negative that I seemd to have misplaced. I had gone through a lot of prints, negatives, and slides looking for it but I hadn't found it. I knew there was another bunch of photos I hadn't found but I didn't know where they were. I have also misplaced my diploma from graduate school somewhere in my house and I jokingly thought that the negative must be in the same place as the diploma.

    Well, the negative was in this bin, along with several large envelopes that I received when enlargements that I had sent out for were delivered to me. One large envelope in that bunch was the envelope my diploma was sent to me in (I didn't attend graduation so they sent me the deploma in the mail) and the diploma was inside that envelope.

    Later that morning I went to the grocery store on my bicycle and got some car wax along with my groceries. On the way home I heard a "ding" like a pebble hit my fender. A short distance later I felt my seat sort of sink to the side. I thought something had broken but I didn't associate it with the noise. It was snowing pretty heavily at the time and I didn't want to stop to see what the problem was so I just kept my weight on the good side. But when I got home and took a look, I saw a spring from under the seat was missing. I think the "ding" was the nut falling off and hitting the fender, which led to the spring, a bolt and three washers falling out a short distance later.

    Earlier in the week I was going through a cabinet of miscellaneous computer stuff and noticed I had a folder for a cd with a windows XP on it but the cd was missing. I didn't even remember having that CD. However when I saw folder I wanted the CD because I have a new computer and I want to add an installation of windows XP since my scanner and printer aren't supported on Windows 8 which is on my new pc. Later today I found the CD. I hope this does not mean something else somehwere is going to break soon.

    Acutally last week just before my old computer died I had another synchronicity. I have a bunch of maintenance tasks I do on my computer once a week. Making backups is usually last on the list. For some reason, that day I decided to do the back ups earlier in the sequence, which was fortunate since the computer died before I finished everything on my list.


    I suppose I should take this opportunity to introduce myself, I am a Buddhist too (as well as a Spiritualist). I took the five precepts at the Providence Zen center. I don't agree with a lot of Buddhist philosophy and cosomology (maybe I just don't understand them) but one thing I really like about Buddhism is that it fills a gap that many other religions have. Many religions exhort their followers to love others ... but they don't explain how to bring about change to let you follow that directive. I find Buddhist practices, by calming the mind, do bring about changes in a person that help them live "mindfully", according to their spiritual values.
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