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Skeptiko Haven Rules

Welcome to Skeptiko Haven.

The simple rules here:
  1. We don’t discuss general materialist explanations for ‘psi’ and related phenomena. Anyone wanting to suggest materialism as the explanation for paranormal or spiritual phenomena is directed to the Skeptiko Forum.
  2. In particular, anyone suggesting or implying that it is ridiculous, inherently stupid, etc., to talk about non-materialist experiences and paradigms, especially in what the moderator considers to be a rude, abrupt or threatening fashion, will be instantly suspended. First suspension: 3 weeks; second: 3 months; third: indefinite. (Unfortunately, experience of the older forum makes this rule seem advisable.)
  3. It is ok to mention materialist explanations for specific cases. Example: “I think this medium might be a cold reader” is fine, but “I think all psi is fake” is not. (Detailed materialist ‘debunking’ is still better placed in the Skeptiko Forum.)

Both forums will continue side-by-side, and everyone is encouraged to move between them as desired.

Finally, an additional guideline:
This forum is a place where the proponent side of debates discussion is respected, and where more listening and (frankly) politeness is possible than on the other forum. Of course, it’s not easy to ban sarcasm! But it is suggested that contributors listen to one another calmly, and speak to each other with respect.
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A 'classic' haunting?

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    Originally posted by Sandy B
    People do this all the time when it comes to anomalous information. My husband freaks out when weird things occur, but within a few days he forgets all about it.

    Even in my own case, if I didn't keep a log of experiences I would forget them. Don't ask me why it happens, but it does. One thing that has surprised me since I've been keeping the log is how common precognitive experiences are. Three days before my area was hit by an earthquake, I was having RSPK involving things shaking. Those RSPK events continued off and on up until shortly before the earthquake hit. I was so upset by them that I sent emails to a number of researchers just prior to the earthquake mentioning them. After the quake, the RSPK stopped.

    The funny thing was that since most of my RSPK is connected to geomagnetic storms, and there was no storm during the three days before the quake, that I think the researchers thought perhaps I was over-reacting to an emotional situation at home. When the quake occurred, I think it was helpful that I had sent off the emails just prior to it so that they knew I didn't fit the descriptions to the event after the fact.
    I remember what you said before the quake...."things rattling all over the house". You seemed pretty upset!


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      Originally posted by cj.23 View Post
      Hi Ian,

      yep the link is to my blog. See the comments under neath for a few responses from the others there that day, and how little we recall now of what actually happened.

      Yes, the stairs were directly through the arch, built on to a wall on the right hands side of the small arch. You can still see the marks from the staircase - they led to a door that still exists on the top rear right of the building.

      On memory, and apparitions -- also from my blog --
      Charting the Unknown: Ghosts, Memory & the Progress of Time "And sometimes he's so nameless"

      might be vaguely pertinent?

      REally nice to meet. Am working today so not had much time to read thread or get involved in discussions but will do so now!
      Hi CJ23,

      We seem to have reached the same conclusions.... My view is that there is probably some variability in people's ability to recall anomalous events based on their comfort-zone boundaries, for want of a better expression.

      I seem to have extremely good recall for anomalous events, but I'm well aware that many people don't.

      For me, I have always seen these things as 'significant' so I mentally 'flag' them, and while I forget a lot of mundane, non-significant stuff thoroughly, these events stick in my mind.

      For a personality with different comfort-zone parameters, the memories of anomalous stuff can vanish very quickly.

      My friend who saw the 'silver surfer' was quite disturbed by the experience. Now, he doesn't have to worry about what it meant, because as far as he's concerned, it never happened!


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        Interesting new information.

        I was contacted recently by a member of this board, who is the partner of one of the Scottish occupants of the Vicarage at the time of the initial incident.

        She told me her partner recalls the day Naomi saw the 'ghost'.

        This morning she sent me another mail which gives some tantalising new information.

        1/ The identity of the painter of the demons and angels in the loo.

        2/ The identity of a Vicar of Haslingfield during the 1960s, who was a pioneer in student counselling for the University, and hosted many students, who were having difficulties, at the Vicarage.

        Apparently 2 may have committed suicide, though whether either did this in the Vicarage isn't stated.....

        This would be a dating which is a lot later than I'd been led to believe but it's 1976 or 77 the girl who told me about the alleged haunting of the house would have been in her early 20s I'd guess, so would have been at school during the 60s.

        Canon David Isitt: Pioneering priest in the fields of counselling, ecumenism and theological education - Obituaries - News - The Independent

        Funeral of Michael Till | Winchester Cathedral
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