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Skeptiko Haven Rules

Welcome to Skeptiko Haven.

The simple rules here:
  1. We don’t discuss general materialist explanations for ‘psi’ and related phenomena. Anyone wanting to suggest materialism as the explanation for paranormal or spiritual phenomena is directed to the Skeptiko Forum.
  2. In particular, anyone suggesting or implying that it is ridiculous, inherently stupid, etc., to talk about non-materialist experiences and paradigms, especially in what the moderator considers to be a rude, abrupt or threatening fashion, will be instantly suspended. First suspension: 3 weeks; second: 3 months; third: indefinite. (Unfortunately, experience of the older forum makes this rule seem advisable.)
  3. It is ok to mention materialist explanations for specific cases. Example: “I think this medium might be a cold reader” is fine, but “I think all psi is fake” is not. (Detailed materialist ‘debunking’ is still better placed in the Skeptiko Forum.)

Both forums will continue side-by-side, and everyone is encouraged to move between them as desired.

Finally, an additional guideline:
This forum is a place where the proponent side of debates discussion is respected, and where more listening and (frankly) politeness is possible than on the other forum. Of course, it’s not easy to ban sarcasm! But it is suggested that contributors listen to one another calmly, and speak to each other with respect.
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The amazing psychic art of Frank Leah

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  • The amazing psychic art of Frank Leah

    from Faces Of The Living Dead
    by Paul Miller

    I had never heard of the medium before I bought the book last year.

    for anyone interested in psychic art - here are a few of the remarkable psychic drawings:

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        dr vivian


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                  Originally posted by OC68
                  Awesome. Thanks for posting these puffin. Are you familiar with Rosemary Brown?
                  they sure are

                  I hadn't heard of Rosemary, looked up now , thanks.

                  I only recently came across this person Rita Berkowitz
                  (thanks to fellow member anonymous)


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                    information from the introduction to the book ( it was first published in 1943)

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                          I was really interested in seeing this. I'm a portrait artist myself, so looking at the drawings and technique was perplexing. I understand that this is not the place for discussion of whether or not these are real.

                          Leave it that I'm stunned by the level of understanding and skill - and the reported speed at which they were drawn.

                          I have hundreds of hours of life class under my belt, and also many hours drawing in graphite. Just minutes from start to finished pieces of this stage of development is remarkable by any measure.

                          But I find the idea of channeling models interesting. I have three posthumous portraits I'm about to begin now - (I'll be using photos for references!!)


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                            Thanks. I'll check it out. I'm what I'd term a 'psychic dud,' although I have had some pretty interesting experiences.

                            But I like the idea of automatic drawing because so much of what the painting process entails is intuitive and almost automatic in its response. I'm wondering how much of a leap there might be between being in that right brained zone and dropping deeper into a channeling mode.

                            I have no idea. It's never happened to me.


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                              Originally posted by OC68
                              The thing about Matthew Manning was, the poltergeist activity that surrounded him as a teen followed him to an all boys school he attended. In the dormitory things would start flying around at night while people were trying to sleep, banging noises, etc. It was causing him a lot of problems. He noticed when he started doing automatic drawings that the poltergeist activity seemed to subside. It's like all that wild energy was suddenly focused on the drawings. Here are some of the drawings he did- the book The Link has a number of them, though the drawings are not the primary focus of the book.
                              Matthew Manning-Psychic and Healer. The Man with the Worlds Most Genuine Psychic Ability
                              Thank you. I ordered the book. Gotta love Amazon used books! Got a super bargain.

                              I'm sort of visiting a few paranormal forums recently because of intriguing personal experiences, some of which involved objects moving, among other things. Someone suggested this might be telekinetic. My husband is quite sensitive, to put it mildly. I had just put this down to an outside paranormal force of sorts, not tying it to him. But now I wonder. These things normally happened in his presence. I was witness to some, but not all.

                              Me, I'm a kind of wannabe, very much looking in from the outside. I'd love to tap into whatever it is and catch up. LOL