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Skeptiko forums moved

The official forums of the Skeptiko podcast have moved to
As such, these forums are now closed for posting.
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Skeptiko Haven Rules

Welcome to Skeptiko Haven.

The simple rules here:
  1. We don’t discuss general materialist explanations for ‘psi’ and related phenomena. Anyone wanting to suggest materialism as the explanation for paranormal or spiritual phenomena is directed to the Skeptiko Forum.
  2. In particular, anyone suggesting or implying that it is ridiculous, inherently stupid, etc., to talk about non-materialist experiences and paradigms, especially in what the moderator considers to be a rude, abrupt or threatening fashion, will be instantly suspended. First suspension: 3 weeks; second: 3 months; third: indefinite. (Unfortunately, experience of the older forum makes this rule seem advisable.)
  3. It is ok to mention materialist explanations for specific cases. Example: “I think this medium might be a cold reader” is fine, but “I think all psi is fake” is not. (Detailed materialist ‘debunking’ is still better placed in the Skeptiko Forum.)

Both forums will continue side-by-side, and everyone is encouraged to move between them as desired.

Finally, an additional guideline:
This forum is a place where the proponent side of debates discussion is respected, and where more listening and (frankly) politeness is possible than on the other forum. Of course, it’s not easy to ban sarcasm! But it is suggested that contributors listen to one another calmly, and speak to each other with respect.
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Opinions about authors Carl Japikse and Robert Leichtman

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  • Opinions about authors Carl Japikse and Robert Leichtman

    I've just read a stirring article in the new IANDS Vital Signs issue by Carl Japikse where he talks about the issue of ideologies (secular and religious) poisoning our minds and keeping us in the dark about the real data that's out there about out true nature as spiritual beings.

    It's an edited down version of a chapter of his recent book:
    Isms & Schisms: Carl Japikse: 9780898048599: Books

    Anyway, my question is if people have read any of the (many!) books by Japikse and Leichtman (who have co-authored quite a few) and if and what they would recommend.

    I know these books (two volumes of Enlightenment) are popular:
    The Revelation of Light: Robert R. Leichtman, Carl Japikse: 9780898041712: Books The Light of Learning: Activating Our Divine Possibilities (9780898041705): Robert R. Leichtman, Carl Japikse: Books

    I also know that Leichtman wrote a series of 24 books of mediumistic interviews (Edgay Cayce Returns, Shakespeare Returns, etc.) and he's spoken well of by George Meek in After We Die, What then?

    Feel free to share your opinions if you've read any of these books by these authors!

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    Robert Leichtman's New Book

    I have studied with Robert Leichtman, M.D. for 30 years. I have found his books quite helpful, and second the comments made by Ninshub. He has started a new series entitled "Resurrecting Christianity". The second book has just been published, Building the Bridge to Heaven.

    His books and classes have, among other things, helped me to focus on more ideal ways to interact with and aid others, as well as to be more productive at work.

    Until it is on Amazon, it is available in these ways:

    To order, send a check or money order to Ariel Press, 88 North Gate Station Drive, #106, Marble Hill, GA 30148.
    Or send your order by email to and charge it to a major credit card. We also accept payment by PayPal.
    Orders may be phoned in to (770) 894-4226 Monday or Thursday from 11 to 4.