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Integral Science -- More than Science

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  • Integral Science -- More than Science

    Part of Integral Philosophy, Integral Science promotes the idea that any science that will be capable of encompassing all of reality must expand to include experiences from different states of consciousness. Such realms have been well documented for eons by Eastern thinkers, but largely ignored by Western minds.

    Integral Science

    The Integral Institute

    "What is Integral Science?
    Science comes from the Latin word to know. Integral means to be whole, comprehensive, and complete. The term Integral Science, thus, refers to a comprehensive method and scope of knowledge.

    Like physical science, integral science appeals to direct experience in order to ascertain the truth about reality. Integral science, however, is not limited to perceptual data and conceptual theories about them, but is open to the entire range of experience, and to all our capacities for apprehending truth.

    The objects studied by integral science are not limited to physical objects, but include the more subtle objects at deeper levels of being as well.

    Since a more profound and comprehensive revelation of truth comes from a more complete openness, the approach of integral science includes cultivation of both wisdom and compassion."