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Discussion about the most important part of the NDE- the light.

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    Characteristics of the light

    -Usually starts small grows large.

    - Full of love and knowledge.

    - Degree of love and knowledge sensations are proportional to proximity to the light.

    - When one enters the light they often instantly find themselves in a meadow, garden or other thought created pseudoreality.

    -Sense of self identity may disintegrate as one approaches the light.

    - The light may appear as deceased family members, symbols, children's characters (a happy face, a mermaid etc), religious figures, or other mythic figures.

    - The light generally doesn't seem concerned about religious beliefs but may play one's game if there is a strong religious conviction. Even those who are deeply fundamentalist are given information which contradicts their beliefs- universal acceptance of other religions, prebirth existence, life on other worlds etc.

    - Communicates telepathically and through fully formed blocks of conceptual knowledge and emotion.

    - Is incomprehensibly vast and intelligent.

    - Seems to be perfectly content with the state of the universe.

    Needless to say, the theories of retinal hypoxia, operating room lights and occipital lobe disinhibition to explain the light that NDErs actually describe is an absolute joke, only taken seriously by people who don't actually listen to what the NDErs are saying again and again with nauseating repetition.