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What about this theory of the Soul?

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  • What about this theory of the Soul?

    Hi folks,
    I found this article by chance, surfing on one Russian- language site about evidence of life after death. The original article is in Russian:
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    but I translated into English by Google. The source of the article by no means was published in scientific paper, it was in "Internet Newspaper", by 2004, and it doesn't seem that the authors are scientists(both women, btw). But it explains the theory of soul through "mirror matter" and "mirror", "right-handed" molecules, the concept that was proposed by Swedish homeopath Hans Elsvejo, and discussed here:

    So,here is the translation and the idea:

    "As it turned out, to prove the existence of the soul is quite possible. We only need to prove that the molecule of life is its mirror symmetry. Biologists have long worried about her asimetriya - left-handed twist, which is a DNA molecule. Misty? Imagine that a living being born without a right hand side of the body. And just such a "born" molecule of life, which is the genetic information on which to build a living organism. Is it acceptable to all: herself - half, and dictates how to build a whole. After all, everything in our world is symmetrical, as if composed of the right and left sides are inextricably linked axis (or plane) of symmetry (it is in the nature of the existence of "chirality" - a congenital twist of the right and left). Question arises: how and why, in this world, a symmetrical one and only "distortion"? And most importantly - in the living cell. "Distortion" at the heart of life! Is this possible? None of the fundamental laws of nature does not prohibit the existence of right-handed molecules. Conversely, the fact that life on earth is based on the left-handed DNA likely indicates that there must be a right-handed antimolekul region. Perhaps lacking in our nature to the fact there is a parallel world - a mirror image of ours. What if half of that is a left twist molecules dictates how to create a "half" of the man, that is just his body, and his other "half" - the soul - it is necessary to build on the "dextrorotary" program? A twisted on both programs together to create a human being? It is known that an insane - it's not a living person, but only with a distorted body consciousness. Asymmetry long scares scientists. They almost resentfully speak of "symmetry breaking", as if afraid turmoil of the Universe. And now this discrepancy. And where? Is the entire universe is not there yet at least one example from one of swirling? It turned out that was found. And it turned out to be a microscopic particle of the neutrino. And also with the "left-screw" spin. Downright mockery of nature - because this particle also lie at the heart of life. But at the heart of inanimate matter. Although as you say ... Perhaps she is the prototype of the DNA molecule and affects it. After all, they both dictate how to build matter. An interesting conclusion ... This confirms our crazy idea next "crazy idea" that was born completely independently and much earlier. It arose in connection with the discovery of a small, but crucially important asymmetry of the physical phenomena at the microscopic level. Back in the 1950s, it was found that the decay of a heavy neutral nuclear particle (neutron) generates electrons and neutrinos, asymmetrically distributed in space, if it is to reflect the distribution in the mirror, it will be different from the real one. Further study of the phenomenon showed that it is due to the asymmetry of the forces that cause the decay of the neutron (the so-called strength of the weak interaction). Electrons and neutrinos produced in the decay, are "left-twisted" (the observer, who is flying these particles, they are seen rotating clockwise). This asymmetry seems awkward physicists: Why there should be only a "left-twisted" neutrinos? The simplest answer is that there are "dextrorotary" but they belong to the world, which is a mirror image of ours. In a mirrored world power of the weak interaction is also asymmetrical, but their asymmetry is opposite to ours. Taken together as our world and the mirror to it form a completely symmetrical universe - an ideal situation for physics. Stop! If the "right-handed" molecules belong to the world, which is a mirror image of the "left-handed" molecules of DNA that taken together the world of our body and mirror peace to her soul - the ideal situation for biologists. The hypothesis of "dextrorotary" mirror neutrino has been apprehended is so serious that the Nobel laureate Abdus Sa-lam, resulting in a list of promising theoretical ideas are subject to experimental verification, referred to as the first of these ideas, "the possibility of the existence of special forces of the weak interaction with the opposite relative to the known forces of "spin" (that is mirrored.) Well, we can only wait patiently for experimental verification (or disprove) the hypothesis. Raup and Sepkoski Scientists believe that the companion star of the Sun Nemesis is not found, so far, precisely because it consists of "mirror matter". A well-known Australian physicist Foot speculated that the "mirror" was the famous Tunguska meteorite. But the interesting thing is described in the science fiction novel Kramer, in which he argues that the Earth has an invisible twin - SLR Earth , which occupies the same position in space. We prove that this is not a fantasy but a reality. largest physics XIX and XX centuries nourished inexplicable tendency to the concept of symmetry, and therefore the concept of mirroring. first was Maxwell, who gave his formulas symmetrical appearance, combining electricity with magnetism. Electricity and magnetism were also irrevocably bound as life and its reflection in dreams. It is on the basis of Maxwell's equations Heinrich Hertz proved the identity of the electromagnetic and light waves. Another supporter of "mirror world" was the English physicist Paul Dirac . He was trying to find an explanation of "negative energy", whose value is less than zero. If the object is moving, its kinetic energy is positive if at rest - is zero, and if it is negative, what does that mean? antiparticles in Dirac initially did not believe taking them for their clever mathematical trick by not having any real foundation. Nobody could find and anti-electron. Dirac was mesmerized by the beauty of the resulting formulas and confident in its correctness. During the two years he tried to find an explanation of "negative energy." In the end, he made sure to return the lost world stability can only assume the existence of mirror twins at each elementary particle having a tighter mass and opposite charge. So the idea of ​​antimatter. Several years later she found a brilliant confirmation. In 1932, the American physicist Carl Anderson accidentally discovered in outer positron emission, that is positively charged electron - the first of the anti-particles Dirac predicted (by the way, Anderson did not know anything about this hypothesis.) Opening of antiparticles was one of the greatest achievements in physics XX century. Anderson and Dirac coming years have been awarded Nobel Prizes. They were creators of a new "mirror world", a world of antimatter.'s just where it was to look for?"

    Sorry if the translation went ugly,this is the best I could do...

    So,any thoughts? Does that seem good soul-theory?Does it go along or contradict the evidence we have from afterlife/psychic research?
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    Hi Alexander.

    I do not think this theory can take off, because the author of the text appears that says that the soul is composed of mirror matter, but the mirror matter is antimatter, which explodes on contact with ordinary matter, if I understand correctly.

    While physicists might discover a new kind of matter of which the soul is made, I would try to replicate Durville experiments:

    And Osis experiments:
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      Hi Juan,
      No,mirror matter is not antimatter, it is something different:

      Mirror matter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      But the way the authors of the article treated the issue seems to be doubtful on a few points. If there are "mirror matter molecules"/"right hand molecules" inside of us.Yes, they don't emit electromagnetic light, but at least at the level of the weight.
      Another point - leading expert in "mirror matter", Robert Foot, said that each particle has it mirror counterpart. They have the same mass and life time.Then again,it should be measurable at the level of the mass, but more important, the second law of thermodynamic would apply to mirror matter itself,so it would "die" as ordinary matter does.


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        I see. Then mirror matter can be dark matter and this hypothesis would be very similar to the Jay Alfred hypothesis:

        What happens is that according to Alfred, the matter that constitutes the ethereal or astral body is supermatter, not mirror matter, that is, particles as ordinary particles but more massive and energetic. For my part I have not clear whether these hypotheses have some truth, because I am content with which researchers conduct experiments on the existence of the ethereal body.