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The official forums of the Skeptiko podcast have moved to
As such, these forums are now closed for posting.
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Why are people still posting here?

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    Originally posted by David Bailey View Post
    If Jacob can somehow transfer the threads to the new forum, that will be great, but as it is, I think this forum will die anyway shortly. Maybe Jacob can comment.
    I suggested to Alex to transfer the relevant database parts to him but he uses a different application there. And frankly, I'm not sure he wanted it to be transferred or that it makes any sense to do so, given that the format (forum structure) of the new site is different.


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      Originally posted by satyanveshi View Post
      This is why:

      Three browsers, six registration attempts.
      Where it says "Verification", you have to write the word that comes below so you do not give that error.


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        Originally posted by Arouet View Post
        Does it bring it a lot of advertising revenue? From what I can see the adds only relate to guests - members don't see adds. I'm not sure what the stats are on guests vs. members or whether the ad revenue goes to Jacob or to Vbulletin.
        No, the ads don't bring a lot of revenue at all. As you said, the ads are only visible to guest who come from Google looking for ... whatever they are looking. I didn't want the ads to annoy the members of the forum.

        Also, I'm not going to delete accounts or anything like that, so you'll all still be able to access and read the forums without ads. It's just that I don't think it's morally correct for me to leave the Official Skeptiko forum here when there's now the Really Official Skeptiko forum on Alex'es site.

        Other forums on this site will remain active and post-able, as they were before Skeptiko came on board here.


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          I was amazed to rediscover this forum...I had assumed it was long erased!

          This is partly why I haven't posted in years.

          Life moves on.....and for me, has become ever more interesting from the psi POV.

          Is it ok to post here, I noticed theres not much activity recently?

          The main reason I stopped posting on Skeptico was the constant barrage of pseudosceptical comment, often couched in the most abstruse 'scientific' terms, mostly to do with statistics....implying that the poster had a highly informed view of parapsychology.

          In fact, in direct communication with the leading light of this group, I realised that she actually hadn't grasped some of the most obvious elements of simple methodology and the reasons why it was that the whole position she had taken was bogus.....she was pretending to have informed herself and hadn't, in fact, done so.

          In other words, these people are, in large measure, trolls, with zero real interest in the subject they spend so much time trying to put people off.

          Defenders of the True Faith, Scientism.

          In other words, insufferable bores.